all on 4 dental implants implant station park dental care dentist in farmington utahAll-on-4 Dental Implants in Farmington, UT

Dr. Allen of Station Park Dental provides his patients with permanent restorative procedures to improve the quality of life. When it comes to dentures, there are multiple types and kinds to choose from that can accommodate you. All-on-4 dental implants are one of the newest forms of dentures that use implants to provide stability and a natural look.


All-on-4 Dental Implants

As you may know, dentures are a full set of artificial teeth for both upper and lower arches that allow patients to have full function of teeth once natural teeth have been lost or removed.

All-on-4 dentures include a set of artificial teeth that are secured onto the gums with 4 dental implants on each arch. Dental implants are used in dentistry to permanently secure a restoration surgically into the jaw bone to prevent any movement. This way of obtaining dentures differs from the traditional denture treatment in many ways.

All-on-4 dentures on the upper and lower arch are horseshoe-shaped containing all artificial teeth and some artificial gums. On traditional dentures, artificial gums are made to cover the palette and all of the gums to be held into place. Implants make it so that denture doesn’t have to be removed and doesn’t cause unwanted slippage.


Benefits of Choosing All-on-4

Patients looking for a permanent and comfortable denture will not be disappointed.

  • The 4 implants placed in preparation for the placement of the denture will prevent the denture from slipping.
  • Oral hygiene while having these dentures requires the same cleaning habits as our natural teeth.
  • Dentures limit the number of visits in our office for cleanings and regular checkups.
  • While chewing, the implants stimulate the jaw bone promoting bone and gum health.
  • Because all-on-4 implants don’t cover the pallet with artificial gums, your ability to taste food won’t be limited where it could be with other dentures.

Dentures are for patients who have a significant amount of missing teeth or no teeth at all and are looking to restore their smile. If this is you, please stop waiting and call our office, Station Park Dental to schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen. Receiving a new and beautiful smile will increase the confidence you have in yourself.

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