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What to Do in a Dental Emergency

It's much easier to remain calm during any emergency if you know the appropriate first-aid techniques. Taking a few steps to protect your teeth and ease your pain, in addition to receiving emergency dentistry services from your Farmington, UT, dentist, Dr. Ryan Allen of Station Park Dental, can help you safeguard your smile.

Knocked-Out or Loose Teeth

A fall, motor vehicle accident or blow to the face may loosen or knock out your teeth. Visiting the dentist as soon as possible after your accident can help you avoid tooth loss.

What You Should Do: Gently push your loose tooth back in its usual place if you can without forcing it. If you can find your knocked out tooth, rinse it to remove debris, then place it back in the socket or between the gum and cheek if possible. If the tooth won't fit in the socket, or it's not comfortable between your cheek and gum, put in a covered container covered by your saliva or milk. Call the Farmington dental office immediately if your tooth has been knocked out. It may be possible to re-implant the tooth if you see the dentist immediately.

Broken Tooth

A blow to the face or a fall may break a tooth. A crack in your tooth can also increase your risk of a break. Broken teeth are unattractive and painful and impair your chewing ability.

What You Should Do: Bring the broken pieces of the tooth with you to the dentist if possible. In some cases, it may be possible to bond the pieces back on to your tooth. If not, your dentist can restore your tooth with a dental crown. Covering the broken edges of the teeth with dental cement will help ease your pain until you reach the dental office.

Dental Abscess

An abscess is a bacterial infection that can form in a tooth or gum. Symptoms of an abscess may include severe pain, gum redness and swelling, pus on your gum, fever, facial swelling, swollen lymph nodes, a bad taste in your mouth, or a bump on your gum.

What You Should Do: Call your dentist right away. You'll need antibiotic treatment to prevent the infection from entering your bloodstream and spreading to other areas of your body. If the abscess is in your tooth pulp, you'll also need a root canal to save your infected tooth.

Emergency dentistry treatments can help you avoid serious oral health complications. If you have a dental emergency or need to schedule a checkup, call your dentist in Farmington, UT, Dr. Allen of Station Park Dental, at (801) 797-0068.