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Station Park Dental in Farmington, Utah is the perfect place to get all dental work done including wisdom teeth extractions. Most general dentists choose not to extract wisdom teeth in their office because it can be a major procedure. Our dentist, Dr. Allen has been trained specifically in the removal of wisdom teeth and how to make the process a great experience where you feel comfortable.


Why Do I Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

We are pretty sure that everyone has heard of wisdom teeth but many aren’t sure what they are there or why they need to be taken out. Once all of our baby teeth fall out and our permanent teeth grow in, it is standard to have two back molars on each side and top and bottom. Wisdom teeth are a third back molar that can erupt around ages 17-25. But why do they need to be removed? Determining on your mouth and your teeth there are many different reasons why it would be best to remove wisdom teeth including:

  • Once or if your wisdom teeth erupt, they have little to no room to grow in fully. Pushing on surrounding teeth to fully erupt, the wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding resulting in crooked teeth.
  • Due to the limited space wisdom teeth have to grow, in some cases, they can start growing crooked putting other molars at risk of damage.
  • Slightly erupted teeth have a high chance of bacterial infection which will lead to swelling of the gums, pain, and harm to the jaw bone.

Although it is very common to get wisdom teeth removed due to the pain, infections, and problems that could occur, some don’t need them removed. Working with our dentist we will be able to see whether it would be greatly beneficial for removal or not.


Speak to a Professional

Deciding to remove your or your family members’ wisdom teeth is an important decision that we want you to make after being educated on the procedure and aftercare. Our team at Station Park Dental in Farmington would love to answer any questions you may have about the wisdom teeth removal procedure.

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